Frequently Asked Questions

For those new to MyFi

What is MyFi?

MyFi offers a multitude of platforms for both business and personal use.

Our MyFi business tool is a subscription based, all-encompassing CRM tool. Features of which include adjustable SMS and email broadcasting, lead management, invoice generating and processing, data filtering and aggregation.

Our MyFi personal offers users a membership platform that enables them to access a range of services including a financial blog and regular updates for budgeting tips. Additionally, offers a login access only portal, MyWay. Users on MyWay gain access to budgeting tools, as well as, the ability to utilize data scrapping and aggregation technology. MyWay enables members to collect and present personal data to assist in any application process – MyFi, OneApp.

What is MyFi, for Me?

With a success rate over 80% MyFi is the leading agent when it comes to all things finance. If you are in search for cash, we can help. Simply complete a membership application on our home page and follow the steps.

How can I contact MyFi?

You can contact MyFi by:

Phone: 048 302 433

How long will it take to match me to a lender?

Once an Active Membership form is submitted, MyFi will begin the search for you to match you to the most suitable lender. This process within business hours can take anywhere between a few seconds up to 2 hours.

What is the difference between an Active Membership and a Standard Membership?

Our Active Membership can be used if you are seeking anything finance. We take the hard work from you, whatever financial service you are in search for. We then match you to the most suitable provider. Additionally, you get access to our Active Members only portal, MyWay. This platform offers a range of premium products such as our financial tips and tools blog as well as a budgeting tool to assist you in tracking your finances.

Our Standard Membership gives you a subscription to our weekly budgeting updates.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! Just go to our home page and choose which membership service you are looking for. Once you have decided, simply follow the steps within the form.

For our MyFi Family Members

What happens if I need to change my repayment schedule?

MyFi offers a flexible platform, in which if you find that you are unable to commit to one of your membership repayments, we can look in to rescheduling this for you.

Please note, we can only reschedule a payment if you contact us a day before a repayment is due. Additional fees will also apply for reschedules.

Can I use the Application Assistance Tool if I have an Active Membership?

Once you are an Active Member with MyFi, you will always be an Active Member and have full access to our products. If you are an Active Member with a running file with a lender, you will be unable to reapply via our Premium Application Assistance until your current is finalised.

Where can I get more information regarding my Membership account?

For more information about your Membership account with MyFi, please see your MyWay login. Your Username for access will be the email address that we have on file. Please click here if you have forgotten your password.