Budgeting Apps & Tools You Need to Sort Out Your Money

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Now that the new decade has arrived, it’s time to start looking at ways to improve your life. One area that can always do with a little more attention is your finances. At MyFi, we’re here to help you explore some of the best budgeting tools. Once you get to grips with them, you can pay off more of your debts, build your savings, and look forward to a better financial future.

Track your spending with the PocketSmith app

Do you know where all your money goes? In an age of contactless payments and a society that’s turning away from cash, sometimes it’s hard to tell. One way to change that is by using the PocketSmith app.

As a budget app that lets you see where you’re spending your money, PocketSmith works with both Apple and Android devices. It can crawl your spending history to find old transactions, then it will present all your data neatly to you. You may be surprised at just how much you’re spending in certain areas.

With the data from PocketSmith, you can look at areas where you could spend less. For example, if you find that you’re spending more money on dining out than you may like, make a conscious decision to dine in more often and watch the information on the PocketSmith app change.

GoodBudget for sharing expenses

GoodBudget is the best budget app when you share expenses with someone else. This could apply to a spouse, flatmate, friend, or a partner who you recently moved in with. Using GoodBudget, you can set outgoings for the various responsibilities you share. For example, if you go shopping for food together, set a limit to make sure you stick to it.

In addition to making it easier for you to track your outgoings, GoodBudget helps you work toward saving together. This can prove useful when there’s something you need to repair or upgrade in your home. Or, you could use it for social events or a holiday. By tracking your common goals, you’ll make sure you’re all working together on your finances.

MyFi’s pocket access tool

At MyFi, we have a money management app that allows you to stay ahead of your spending and regain control of your money. You can track your income as it comes in and monitors your spending as it goes out. We’ll also provide you with weekly tips on areas where you could be saving more money.

The MyFi pocket access tool also helps you set savings goals and create milestones. For example, if you’re aiming to save $2000 this year, you can set milestones that help you feel as though you’re achieving your savings goals in more manageable chunks. In our experience, being able to reach milestones empowers our customers to save more.

With the right budgeting tools, you can regain control of your finances this year. Who knows, by the time you make your way into 2021, you could be in a better financial state than ever.

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