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MyFi’s Active Membership gives you access to the platform that enables you to find the right financial service to meet your circumstances. With a seamless application, smart decision metrics and a range of online features such as a members only blog page and budgeting tools, MyFi will find the best solution for your needs.

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MyFi’s Standard Membership gives you access to a range of different platforms to give you a full financial service for information and updates on all things finance. User’s also get access to an optional subscription channel to receive weekly tips for new ways to budget.
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Because MyFi is your one-stop financial shop! A unique customer experience designed just for you.
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Need us to find you funds? No problem. Contact us today and we will get you the right package tailored to your needs.

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Want to learn how to save money each week? We got you covered with handy hints to save on everything from weekly groceries to electricity bills.

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Want all the latest relevant financial information and news? Check out our blog and stay on top of your income and expenditure.

By joining the MyFi Family, you’re given exclusive access to everything you need to gain complete control of your finances. Our online platform is one-of-a-kind, optimised for your day-to-day convenience and includes all the budgeting tools you need.

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Everyone’s got that one friend. You know, the super smart friend you call on for help. The super practical friend who you can run something by, or can conveniently act on your behalf. Think of MyFi as that friend. If you’re in need of finance, MyFi can source the funds you need.

Is all the financial jargon your usual lender throwing at you a bit too complicated and confusing? Let your mate MyFi wade through the mumbo jumbo. We’ll find you the loan you need, and we’ll present it to you in terms you can understand.

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Providing all the resources you will ever need when it come to financial growth and freedom.
Seamless Online Experience

Our FinTech platform offers an application experience like never before: Enquire Today.

Pocket Access to Budgeting Tool

Access our budgeting tool and stay ahead and in control of your money. Track your income and spending, set goals and milestones. Learn More today.

Online Blog Page

All the latest information and updates on all things finance. Keeps you in the know. More info.

World-Class CRM Tool for Businesses

For more information, click here.

MyFi are always there for you. Easy, reliable and a quick service.

Nikau, Auckland

I really needed cash right away when I found MyFi. They had a very easy application and matched me to a lender really quickly.

Hunter, Wellington

I got great support from MyFi a few months ago. They make everything so easy from the time you use them all the way through to the repayments you make. Plus they are really flexible if things come up just as long as you contact them to let them know.

Tanya, Canterbury

Application is easy to understand. MyWay is so easy to use and the blog page is great for information. Awesome service.

Wayne, Christchurch

Fast and easy and they also do same day deposits with the lender. Also really good if you want to update anything, you can just do it all online.

Manaia, Hamilton

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